Production de chargeurs made in france

Manufacturing mobile phone battery chargers
with the Made in France label

activite-1Why ?

Automating repetitive tasks
in order to reduce production costs and be able to locate production exclusively in France.

Automated processes
have become considerably less expensive. What we thought was impossible 10 years ago is possible today.

The advantages of battery chargers with the Made in France label

Ligne-CMS-light_retoucheRespecting EC Norms and Standards
Importers of mobile phones are confronted on a daily basis with problems created by Asian manufacturers, such as product quality and non-conformance with current norms and standards.

Such manufacturers are criminally liable for the quality of the products imported into France. Because Mayamax Industrie battery chargers have the Made in France label, for the first time, product quality is guaranteed directly by a manufacturer.

Just-in-time production
Mayamax Industrie product between 500 and 1000 battery chargers per hour on a fully automated production line. This will simplify stock management relative to shipping times by sea.

activite-3Competitive pricing
The cost of Mayamax Industrie battery chargers is competitive relative to Asian producer prices, due to the complete automation of the production process.

Output quality
The completion of our fully automated production line required two years of development R&D in France. We also selected the most efficient components in order to improve product performance.

Respecting the environment
Being aware of the carbon footprint of everyday consumables means that it makes sense to produce battery chargers locally.

SMC type electronic
component placement

We provide the quality of the Made in France label to different sectors of the electronics industry, such as electronics sub-contractors, engineering and design departments or consultants, and end customers wishing to manufacture electrical circuit boards in medium or large production runs in conformance with IPC-A610 Class 2 norms and standards.

50,000 components/hour
Can accept any circuit board format, even the largest – up to 700x460mm

Latest generation materials:

Power electronics
engineering department

img-bureau-etudeMayamax Industrie is a recognised centre of competence in terms of power electronics and can improve charger performance for both consumers ans professionals.

Mayamax Industrie develops portable chargers for mobile phones and personal electronic equipment.

Chargers from 110/230 Veff or 12/24 Vdc.

Power range from 1 to 24w. The emphasis is on power consumption when the battery is empty, between 10 and 20mW depending on the power of the charger, and output of between 75 and 85%.

To guarantee the lowest prices for components, they are sourced by our office in Shenzhen, China.

Where to find our products?

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